Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Noble Art of Referencing

From The English Companions, an 
Anglo-Saxon history society website
(For my students, bless them.)

Referencing is like writing in Runes to many students - an incomprehensible and arcane knowledge which they had previously thought was only practiced by characters in Lord of the Rings. For many of my colleagues, referencing has always seemed obvious so they are a bit bemused by how confusing the students find it. However I too used to wonder when to use 'cited' and when to say 'quoted'; I too felt like someone stumbling through Mordor towards the Black Gate (Tolkein 1966), wondering why on Middle Earth you would have to give the place of publication in the final list.

I usually start explaining referencing by considering why we bother. When you can see the purpose of it, it's much easier to get your head around why it's done in the way it is done.

Unco-operative Capitalism

I see that my local council has moved its account from the Co-operative Bank. I suppose that's one of the many small signs of the beginning of the end. I am truly sorry to see this happening to an institution with whom I have enjoyed banking for about twenty years.Here I'm going to reflect on this in a more philosophical way, while in a companion blogpost I'll look at some practical matters related to banking with the Co-op.

Co-operative Bank worries

From David McWilliams' blog
Well, it looks like it may be curtains for the Co-operative Bank. This is a worrying thing for society in general, since it leaves us with a lot of other free market capitalist banks, many of which have had to be propped up by the government. I don't know why that doesn't prove capitalism is rubbish and a disaster for us all, but clearly Those With Bigger Brains understand and we should leave it all to them (wink). 

Here I shall consider what to do if you have a little money in a Co-op Bank account. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Recuperating ahead of sautéing

Gah, I had a hideous cough-cold thing. It took me days to recover - crouched over my knitting in front of LoTR 1, 2 and 3. Thank God The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug has come out on DVD at last and I can knit to something else.

Slice of Life

I am laughing cuz my friend in the States says that just like over here, when you have a party you have to bring your own knife. I mean, you can carry a gun but you cannot have a knife floating about at a play centre for the families to use on their Princess Cinderella Coach and Four Horses cake. 

If you are a proper over-achieving 
mom you can find out how to 
make this cake here!

I take our special cake slice, of course. It not only cuts the cake puffickly, you can use it to serve the slices out - if you are not hurriedly shoveling the slices onto napkins which your friend and the Fella wrap up and stuff into the party bags. (Yah, Outlaw Mom gave me the cake slice - she had two of them, of course, and let me have the spare one.)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mother's Day Special

Pictured here: a few creature comforts with which I curled up today and one gorgeous creature. Oh, no, LOL, I mean Thorin Oakenshield bv the gorgeous creature (wink), although it's true that Eowyn the kitten is growing up to be very pretty. 

Acksherly I spent Mother's Day stressing out about the Piglet party. I was starting a head cold, so you can imagine how pleased I was that I had planned this special day to be at the ice rink.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The UnPacked Lunch

Gosh I was thrilled when Piglet came home and without any prior notice from the school, she announced: "Tomorrow I have to take in a packed lunch which is totally eco-friendly and has no packaging in it to throw away." I made a number of comments using inappropriate religious language.